Monday, July 22, 2013

Spear Thrower

     The end of a five year challenge has finally come.  Cocky as I was in my younger years, I made the mistake of opening my mouth, "I can make a cocktail out of anything!" I think was the gist of it.  Boy did that statement bite me in the butt.  But after years of cocktailing and blog following I came across the Corn Goddess created by one of the best (if not the best David Wondrich) and this drink got the wheels a moving.       Although the drink sounded amazing and looked as everyone had described it ,"fresh," I was not a fan of Campari or tomatoes at that crossroad in life. A little further research and I stumbled upon the Atole de Elote, a Salvadoran corn drink that dates back to the Mayans.  Now this is more my style; thick, rich, creamy and sweet; now all it needs is a little alcohol.
     Starting with some fresh wood-oven roasted corn, thanks Dante crew, I began to puree it with a little half & half.  The yield was small and insignificant, but enough for a trial rum.  Trying to add a bit of complexity I opted to use some "corn crema" that gets used in a pasta dish to help add some thickness and round out the palate.  Now to make it alcoholic.  The first thing that came to mind bourbon and spiced rum, I believe these will work beautifully.  A little time spent with the Vita-Mix and a chinois  and we have run number one.
     The mixture concocted was rich, creamy and subtle on the corn. The definitive flavors actually came from the spiced rum; it had an intense nutmeg and cinnamon note on the aftertaste. All in all the drink was delicious and I can only wonder how it will taste with Pyrat rum or a nice rich dark rum.

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